New Launch An European Company Project 0.01 Euro for each likes

Project Name – CAM.TV

Cam.TV is an innovative project that, following the economic and social developments caused by the evolution of digital technology, aims at transforming the concept of work and earning.

Cam.TV is built on the idea of contributing to a collective knowledge in order to improve people’s lives whilst putting each person in the position of achieving financial freedom.

 Even a Facebok user with 5.000 friends does not have many opportunities to earn directly from publishing and sharing posts. Most YouTube users, even if they reach thousands of views, don’t get a penny.

Every LikeCoins you receive amounts to 0.01 Euro

The peculiarity of LikeCoins is that they carry both a reputational and economic value. When you receive a LikeCoins from another user you receive a “Like” of appreciation that can also be monetized.

Receiving LikeCoins increases not only your reputation and popularity but also your bank account’s balance!

On Cam.TV, money transfers are totally safe and protected from any potential online identity theft and cyber fraud because all transactions take place according to privacy rules and users’ confidential data is not shared among them (e.g. credit card numbers and personal data).

All your earnings are displayed live on your Affiliates’ Dashboard and on your Control Panel.

Payments are sent directly to your Digital Account and you can transfer them at anytime to you bank account or to your Cam-Card, a payment card that will be sent to all active Founders.

Cam.TV’s Cam-Card is an international credit card, linked to your e-wallet, that you can to use to make purchases on Visa and Mastercard networks or to make ATM cash withdrawals anywhere in the world.

How to Join and ways to maximize earning

Signup by clicking here

An activation email will be sent your registered email

Verify your account with mobile number

One verification done, you will receive 100 Likecoins

Make a post , if some one like you will receive coins.

Like others post in return to receive back the same. 

Payment Proof

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