Make Money Online with Brave Browser

At early stage, I was not convinced that through Brave Browser any money can be earn online and as a result I ignored it since long time.

But lately, I decide to have try for this and really it work. I did nothing any special or additional activates to earn money.

As simple, I Just download and installed the Brave browser at my work station System / Desktop and start browsing through it instead of google chrome browser. After a week I noticed 0.99$ in my Brave Accounts which can be withdrawn easily through bank account upon reaching 2.5$.


If you are using Google Chrome for browsing, just replace it with Brave Browser for couple of months and I assure you that you will be loving this browser as it has block capability of unwanted scripts, ads and virus also.

You need to setup once and forget about it

I recommend to try for a months, if you don’t earn just uninstalled it back to your google chrome browser or mozila or whatever you are using

The growth of users which I have seen in couple of months, I can say only that it is amazing and surely going to replace google chrome browser in coming years.

That’s it!

The best part about this program is:

  • You need to setup once and forget about it

  • You can add multiple websites, Twitch channel and YouTube channel that you own

You will automatically earn BAT token when qualified users will browse your site on the Brave browser. You can see the current pricing of BAT token here.

This accumulated BAT token can be withdrawn to your Uphold account (A PayPal alternative for sending receiving payment). I have written more about the Uphold process in a later section of this detailed tutorial.

Overall, this is a setup and forget kind of system and something everyone with a website, YouTube channel or Twitch channel should use.

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