How to Earn Free & Easy Bitcoin in a Day 0.0005

How to Earn Free & Easy Bitcoin in a Day 0.0005 

Faucet Earning

Remember, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but, you’ve not spent a dime and it’s all free! Micro earnings take a lot of effort, yield very low income but are usually a very safe bet and real income.

Easiest and cheapest way to earn Bitcoin by doing some mirco jobs, PTC sites and Faucet. It is time consuming but it actually pay Bitcoin. This means that you will be basically be doing small task and fractions of coins for the time you spend.  Well known micro earnings sites are Bictoin Faucets. PTC websites are actually sub-category of Faucets. PTC websites will usually have you click on an ad or on button on the site in order to make money form ad sales. In return you will get a small amounts of coins.

Method 1

Step 1 – Register for bitcoin ,dogecoin wallets & altcoin wallets and microwallets

First you need to register for bitcoin and altcoins wallet which provide addresses to receive money in crypto currency. They store it securely free of cost. It is free of cost.

If you don’t have Wallet,here are some  multicoin wallets which provide you addresses for receiving money.

  1. Coinbase ( Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum Wallet and many more)
  2. Dogecoin Wallet
  3. Litecoin Wallet

It is not necessary to sign up for all wallets. Choose only one which suits you)

Users also need to register following all micro-wallets to receive small amounts from many sites.

  2. Faucet hub