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This is a surfing sites which pays in Bitcoin and of course my favorite one. This is the seventh site I recommend you join is called infinitytrafficboost. This is a surfing site which takes only 15 second to surf one site.  This is more interesting. You will be earning 1000 Satoshi per day. Run this surfing one time with Google chrome and one with Mozila VPN and your earning would be like 2000 Satoshi per day.


Open one link in Google Chorme browser and register your account. Copy your referral link and open it with Mozila Firefox VPN Browser. Use it carefully. Complete your registration. Now you have two account one is with Google Chrome and one is your referral with Mozila Browser. Work at the same time on both browser to reduce the working timing. 

How to Join

Click on signup here

Register your email and a confirmation email will be sent to your email. 

Activate your account 

Login and Start Surfing

Click on Dashborad -Scroll Down and click on surfing

#1 Easy Bitcoin

A unique site which give opportunity to advertise your referral link and as well earning free bitcoin. 

You can earn 1000 Satoshi within 10 to 15 minutes. Use the tricks 

  • Create account
  • Confirm your account and login with user name and passowrd
  • Click on Earn Cards Here at the left side.  A list of website of advertiser will be there.
  • Right click and open in new tab. Do the same with the 100 listed website. 
  • Refresh again to click the same 100.
  • Check your bitcoin earning
  • 1000+ satoshi you will earn within within 15 minutes. 
  • TIP FOR FASTER & EASIER CLICKING Use SNAP LINKS for FireFox / Brave / Chrome 

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